Duplicating cells

A while ago when we were learning how to code the Sol Lewitt’s drawing rules on P5js, I was also experimenting with this thing:


Basically it’s the similar concept of the Sol Lewitt drawings rule #115, except I added more rules to it:

  • It starts with 10 points on the screen
  • The points are now moving floating circles
  • Every time the circles are within the radius of 25px of each other, it draws a line between them, and spawn a new circle randomly on the screen

And as time goes on the number of circles keep growing. I wish to keep adding on more rules, possibly making the cells flock together. But that’s another project for another day.

I had difficulties with the coding part of this mini project. I was not documenting the process well to share it here on my blog, but if there is anything that I learned from doing this is that the console log is your best friend.

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