What I learned From My Research Topic

i have been reflecting a lot about the research topic of my project, what picked my interest, and how it applies to the world today. what exactly do i want to do with it? i think of robots as beings just as much as other living beings on earth are. the growth of artificial consciousness today are scaring people away, and it is my passion to close the gap of unfamiliarity between humans and machines through the familiar experience and bias. but why exactly are we scared of robots?

i believe that humans fear of robots came from how us humans treat each other and other beings on earth. we kill animals to keep us living. we take other people’s rights so we can live more comfortably.

now that artificial intelligence is growing and becoming more human, we’re scared something will surrogate us. especially for those who are privileged to have never been below, today’s technological and robotics advancement is a good reminder to take a step back and check your privileges. is this why you’re so scared of robots?

we want to be above, so other things have to be below. it’s kill or be killed, oppress or be oppressed, exploit or be exploited. it’s natural to do things out of fear– to avoid danger that prevents us from surviving.

but as social animals it’s important to recognize that this instinct is a selfish act of survival. you want to be above everybody else so you are safe. admit that. own that. be uncomfortable with that. and then dismantle that even though that’s what the society has been drilling through your brain everyday of your life. be aware of your bias of race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, nationality, species, culture, and on and on. then go against it. get as close to neutral as much as you can

i personally think that this fundamental understanding is necessary to keep yourself in check in every situation possible. and i will work alongside everybody else who value the same belief that i believe in to keep making.

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