The Fold: response

Everything in this world was created by patterns of multiple matters. Just like how we talked about weaving last week, pleats and folds have patterns as well. This reading confused me, so I thought that the easiest way to understand things is to actually do it on my own.

i looked sad in the last picture because i finished an origami and i still didn’t get it.

there was a part in the reading where it says “everything in the body works like a machine” and I had a lecture in my Biology in Pop Culture class, that that mindset is common amongst molecular scientists and they tend to be more religious. a couple paragraph after, it says “And when the hour comes for them to unfold their parts, to attain a degree or organic development proper to man, or to form cerebral folds, at the same time their animal soul becomes reasonable by gaining greater degree of unity (mind) …” it implies that a body is a folded machine that is ready to grow whenever the soul is blown into it and unfold each parts as it grows.

other thoughts I had while reading this material was the implication of different dimensions that was talked about in the beginning of chapter two. how there’s point, line, and plane, and those does not exist from our point of view because we live in a three dimensional world with time.

—> digital form is a fold of information in a form of codes, the binary system is the fold, the pleats, the crease, the minimize the fold.

this video helps me too

I’ll put more thoughts once I hear what other people think of it in class okay.

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