Weaving time!

In class we learned how to weave, physically and virtually. It is the simplest form of coding language: up/down, front/back, true/false, 0/1, etc. For the first half of the class, we were divided into two groups, I got to be in the first group and learn how to do irl weaving first. I have never done any weaving nor taken any fiber class so this is my very first experience with the technique.

First we learned how patterning works, it was confusing at first with the power point presentation but when we got down to actually do it, it made sense


it felt like doing a puzzle it was fun

and then we had to make our own, as well as practicing real weaving


And for the second half of the class, we got to learn how to do weaving pattern on grasshopper. THIS TIME I THINK I’M FINALLY GETTING TO UNDERSTAND GRASSHOPPER. still not sure, it’s been a long battle, but I got to tweak it around on my own and I think- I’d like to think- I’m finally getting the grasp of it.



yas use that pipe and make it wormy



Then there’s a more complicated way to do it:


Why choose the complicated one though? Because wowwie look at that! When you change the input you can use this grasshopper code not only for plain weave but also twill weave!



different code, same look. different code, different look

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